Who is Vonne Monai?

Who is Vonne Monai?

I use my art (music, poetry, etc.) to make lemonade out of the lemons  hurled at me throughout my life.

I am a Professional Model and Actress, as Well.

I always thought of writing as taking a negative situation and transforming it into something positive – My art, self expression.

They can’t steal or buy everything and these are the things that interest me most.

Self Esteem is earned and this is why they have never been able to break my spirit.

The looters of this world are zeros and congenital dependents.

They have no love for life or anyone who has standards and values.

These souless, brute beasts are losers no matter what their numbers because a zero multiplied by any number still equals zero!

All works are copywritten.


This is a Poem I wrote while residing with my first cousin Lorraine C. James (raised a Muslim, married John Russell) on Burton St., Hartford, Ct.

Vikki had asked me if I had any ideas where she could live because she was in between apts. I generously suggested she try Lorraine’s because my half sister Val and our buddy Cynthia Ramney (from Aruba) had visited her while we were on winter break (from Port Richmond High, Staten Island, NY) and we had a great time on our visit.  Vikki exclaimed that it was a good idea, but when I went there to live she gave me grief beyond compare.  

She, Victoria M. Quick-Pope (Georgia) would have me raped, held captive and forced to breed with a Muslim Terrorist who tried to force me to convert to Islam (David Peterson, musician, attended Howard University).  The police and other agencies were no help (as I knew they would not be because of the power my relatives wield in the Sex Slave Trade).

Vikki told me she is a practicing witch and attends church.  

She is badly influenced by her Irish Catholic friends (Darlene Leach, as well as all of the men of all nationalities (including the staff at ALL of the schools she attended) who are her tricks (clients) and dependent on prostitutes and Sex Slaves -union workers, etc.)

You see, they always need females to help them pull off their crimes against women.

Vikki was raped by our 33rd degree Mason, Great Uncle, Norman Swilley (Masapequa, NY) when she was twelve.  

Our cousin Leroy told me she was the first person to give him a blow job when he was seven (he is only a couple of years younger than her).

I guess this is what gives her the right (power) to have me held prisoner in (55 Bowen St., Parkhill, Staten Island, NY) as a Sex Slave to a Mafia Loanshark (Louie Gambardella, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey).

Vikki is a prostitute and embezzeled $10,000 from Coca Cola where she worked as an administrative assistant.  She was given no jail time and supposedly simply had to repay them.

Probrably her Stasi like married, jewish boyfriend got her out of jail time.

I think she is a lying snitch who frames people she is jealous of to the same authorities who gave her such an easy time with her crimes.  

I have tried to move forward with my life. With the three children they forced on me and isolated me with absolutely no support system whatsoever.

I was not allowed to have friends or keep a job.

Our mother is responsible for her behavior and warned me of she and Val’s jealousy of me, but I could do nothing to help myself and the three of them targeted me and slandered me to anyone and everyone who would listen.

Vikki had her moved from her apt. to a home shortly after I had messaged her on Facebook inquiring about my biological father.  

My two older half sisters have physically and emotionally abused me (encouraged by our mother) ever since I can remember.

They want me to be alone and have nothing just because my biological father is WHITE (Blonde, Blue Eyes)!


 Dear Vikki;  I Am All But                                      10-21-78


Yes I’ll have a drink, perhaps some reefer too

I suppose it’s alright ’cause you know that I am new

You make me out to be so dense and I have to leave the room

For you are a whole person and respect is sure to bloom 

In your garden that you fertilize with untruths about me

This kind of ugly flower you grow and want all to see

I am all but, what you’ve made me out to be

I am all but, what you demand others to see

I don’t understand what’s at the root of your jealousy

I am all but, what you make me out to be


These are lyrics to a song I composed about my mother (Dorothy Swilley Quick, Florida). I began composing music at age 5 after I received my first guitar as a Christmas gift. She was a prostitute who had me modeling and acting professionally.  While on a modeling assignment (Stuart McGuire) I was subjected to participate in  child pornography.  She stole all of my money and gave it to her pimp uncle Roy I(her fathers brother, Norman’s brother).

She had some sort of a run in with the infamous Carlo Gambino.

She claims to have worked as a NYPD detective, but was most likely a hooker snitch/informant.  She says he slapped her with his glove in her face.

Perhaps this is why Vikki could not resist slapping me in my face with her bare hand as often as she could until I chased her with a knife to make her stop.

I grew up seeing my Aunts and their Uncles having Incestuous Orgies on the living room floor at our apt in Harlem, NY or East Hartfdord projects (where her sister Johnnye James lived with her 7 surviving children all Mulims-only 3 are her husbands). 

They often laughed about their dead husbands because they had something to do with their mysterious heart attacks, which always came about when these men were trying to divorce them or save their children from these wicked females.



                                 Your State of Mind


My mother is a mental case, you can see it in her face

I honestly deserve a break, it’s really more than I can take

I shake when knocks come at my door, don’t want this shrink trip anymore

Can’t make me drink and be  a whore

I know there’s so much more in store




You have to be attuned to it

Can’t be too scared to try and fit

Fit into your state of mind, don’t you have a state of mind?

Left some major things behind

Go back and find them, take the time

To fit into your state of mind

Don’t you have a state of mind?

Left some major things behind

Go back and find them, take the time




Didn’t you think I’d lose my head?

With my Dad alive and thinking he was dead

Only got a gift from Uncle Dear

You hid the truth to keep you clear

You’re not respected and not so sly

With your case of Bud a weekend and cottage cheese thighs



                                            Repeat Chorus


Don’t matter if I finish school, don’t matter if I quit

You’re too involved with all your men to even give a shit

Can’t devise a plan that works, you devil kicking up the dirt

Can’t extinguish all your lies by praying up to the sky


                                              Repeat Chorus


About Vonne Monai

I am a survivor/victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I am an American Mulatto. My Mother is Cherokee & Seminole (tall, yellow, black kinky hair, (Bette Davis) brown eyes, pretty. My Father is Italian American (tall, rock star skinny, curly blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, incredibly handsome. I am 5'7", 100 lbs., Size Zero, Brown Eyes, Curly Black Hair Professional Actress, Model, Composer, Artist & Poetess  My name is pronounced vonnie monay I have been a vegetarian all of my life. I know it is not for everyone and have never and will never try to force anyone to eat the way I do. I was forced by my mother to eat meat because of my blood disorder, She tried to frighten me into eating it by telling me that I would die if I didn't. I am still alive! I am a True Gemini a Syzygy and a Grand Cross! Syzygy in Astronomy  is an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet. In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality. I am a victim of child pornographers, Sadistic rapists, kidnapping, forced breeding & sex slavery.I am still stalked by these slanderers. I will tell anyone who will listen until I have justice. I am so fed up with them that I have begun to names names. I think it is all about the land that was stolen from my family. Tropicana Orange Juice is on it in Bradenton, Florida, USA. These posts are designed to disrupt the Zionists, Catholic Inquisitors & Willie Lynch Slaves attempt to commit The Genocide of True Americans! This blog contains factual accounts of my life and the people who insisted upon forcing their way into it. STOP AMERICAN GENOCIDE http://acts.worldvisionyouth.org/acts/stop-american-genocide Stop Sex Slavery of Americans http://www.causes.com/actions/1720330-stop-sex-slavery-of-americans Vonne Monai's Autobigraphy/Notes http://www.scribd.com/VonneMonai Vonne Monai's BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS http://vonnemonai.webs.com/
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6 Responses to Who is Vonne Monai?

  1. Valerie says:


  2. Valerie says:

    You are still sick in the fucking head which is why I will never ever deal with you again. If that ex-daughter NUTCASE of mine is with you, you to evil bitches deserve each other!! TAKE THAT SHIT ABOUT MY (WHOLE) SISTER OFF….YOU SICK IN THE HEAD BITCH!!! I WILL SUE YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vonne Monai says:

      Val’s Fake Death
      Vikki’s Fake death
      Vikki is not your whole sister, stupid retard!
      Lorraine said that Vikki is Larry’s half sister.
      Both of their fathers are Lorraine’s Grandfather’s children. Can’t you see the resemblance?
      I think Johnnye Mae used Uncle Sonny’s old Black father to force a marriage between his son and Johnnye Mae.
      You know how desperate you black whores are to try and force mixed people to breed with and marry you full blacks!
      You know you are a contaminate and no one wants you, not even your cohorts.
      Your daughter is retarded just like you lesbian whore!
      You’re afraid she’s blabbing to everyone about your whorish escapades like me.
      I’m the one who was always trying to get away from you and your kind.
      You wanted to follow me so you could continue to play your woe is me black bitch routine.
      I can prove everything I write about. It’s my life and you shouldn’t have imposed your filth onto me along with your degenerate cohorts.
      Don’t you have our muslim terrorist first cousins (the James brothers), some black (Lawrence and Robert Scott) or puerto rican brothers (Ali and Bilal), Italian anchor baby (Louie) or Irish (Warren) catholic, sadistic, homosexual, pedophile rapists, third world foreigners (Gil, Vivian, Ken) and jewish (your former boss the manicurist who you said made fun of Louise (Louie’s sister?)-Fr. Capodanno Blvd/55 Bowen St. – for being too poor to afford her services) freaks to coddle you?
      You are and evil non human weirdo who nobody wanted, not even your black father.
      I was wanted by our Aunt Fern and Uncle George, but I was forced to be around you because you needed a scapegoat as well as a whipping girl!
      Threats are what caused me to make these posts in the first place ugly, subhuman retard!
      Don’t worry, you gave me tons of true stories to write about you and yours and the more you push it the more I will.

      • Ira Ward says:

        You all need a little Jesus in your lives. It’s not God’s will for you all to be in conflict like this. Our time to get it right in this dimension is short and often bogged down by the evil will of satan. Let him and his trash go and grab a hold of God. Eternity is real and love is the only way to Heaven.

    • Ira Ward says:

      Wow, this is very interesting. It’s amazing what the Lord can lead you to. Guys, come home to Jesus, let love rule your lives not hate. Valerie, why are you so upset? If you feel something is false, post the true facts according to you and have an open debate. Convince Vonne of any wrong doings, don’t try to force you opinions on any one. One of you will come into the light and forgiveness can began and so can the healing process start.

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