Rape is a cheap way to “feel” powerful..

I suppose killing rapists is the ultimate power trip!

I think a lot of females rape males of all ages as much as males rape females of all ages.

They were trauma bonded and mimic the behavior of those who victimized them.

They need to be eradicated and not empowered or pitied because they cannot be cured.

All of my mental health professionals always saw my relatives and others as the problem

(trying to live vicariously through me).

I was always reassured that my problems “always” stemmed from “their” mental problems that were not being addressed.

There are too many books written by mental health professionals who know that their patients are experiencing the destructive impact of psychopaths.

I have routinely tried to express to my relatives the value of speaking to a pro to help them with their anger issues.

My oldest, half Sister, Vikki responded arrogantly, by telling me that she and Lorraine (our 1st cousin) worked out their problems about being raped.

She gave me the distinct impression that they were a clique.

Apparently they are a clique that has people like me raped.

They blame themselves because they were too stupid to “consider” an alternative to being tricks, prostitutes and pimps .

They can never lower my self esteem because I did not earn their set ups (rapes, kidnappings, forced breeding, being held captive as a sex slave for sadistic, rapist pedophile, homosexuals who were trying to rape my sons).

They also tried to murder them and every fight or misfortune we had was orchestrated by these Willie Lynch Losers!

The so called mothers who allow their kids to be neglected for tricks are rewarded with jobs, housing options, etc).

I would never feel offended by losers like them not having the ability to appreciate me or mine.

Those creatures don’t even value themselves, so I already knew they can’t value me.

I can’t own their horrible feelings of guilt and don’t.



About Vonne Monai

I am a survivor/victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I am an American Mulatto. My Mother is Cherokee & Seminole (tall, yellow, black kinky hair, (Bette Davis) brown eyes, pretty. My Father is Italian American (tall, rock star skinny, curly blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, incredibly handsome. I am 5'7", 100 lbs., Size Zero, Brown Eyes, Curly Black Hair Professional Actress, Model, Composer, Artist & Poetess  My name is pronounced vonnie monay I have been a vegetarian all of my life. I know it is not for everyone and have never and will never try to force anyone to eat the way I do. I was forced by my mother to eat meat because of my blood disorder, She tried to frighten me into eating it by telling me that I would die if I didn't. I am still alive! I am a True Gemini a Syzygy and a Grand Cross! Syzygy in Astronomy  is an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet. In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality. I am a victim of child pornographers, Sadistic rapists, kidnapping, forced breeding & sex slavery.I am still stalked by these slanderers. I will tell anyone who will listen until I have justice. I am so fed up with them that I have begun to names names. I think it is all about the land that was stolen from my family. Tropicana Orange Juice is on it in Bradenton, Florida, USA. These posts are designed to disrupt the Zionists, Catholic Inquisitors & Willie Lynch Slaves attempt to commit The Genocide of True Americans! This blog contains factual accounts of my life and the people who insisted upon forcing their way into it. STOP AMERICAN GENOCIDE http://acts.worldvisionyouth.org/acts/stop-american-genocide Stop Sex Slavery of Americans http://www.causes.com/actions/1720330-stop-sex-slavery-of-americans Vonne Monai's Autobigraphy/Notes http://www.scribd.com/VonneMonai Vonne Monai's BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS http://vonnemonai.webs.com/
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