Val’s Fake Death

Val’s Fake DeathVal's Fake DeathVal’s fake death as fake as her life.


About Vonne Monai

I am a survivor/victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I am an American Mulatto. My Mother is Cherokee & Seminole (tall, yellow, black kinky hair, (Bette Davis) brown eyes, pretty. My Father is Italian American (tall, rock star skinny, curly blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, incredibly handsome. I am 5'7", 100 lbs., Size Zero, Brown Eyes, Curly Black Hair Professional Actress, Model, Composer, Artist & Poetess  My name is pronounced vonnie monay I have been a vegetarian all of my life. I know it is not for everyone and have never and will never try to force anyone to eat the way I do. I was forced by my mother to eat meat because of my blood disorder, She tried to frighten me into eating it by telling me that I would die if I didn't. I am still alive! I am a True Gemini a Syzygy and a Grand Cross! Syzygy in Astronomy  is an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet. In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality. I am a victim of child pornographers, Sadistic rapists, kidnapping, forced breeding & sex slavery.I am still stalked by these slanderers. I will tell anyone who will listen until I have justice. I am so fed up with them that I have begun to names names. I think it is all about the land that was stolen from my family. Tropicana Orange Juice is on it in Bradenton, Florida, USA. These posts are designed to disrupt the Zionists, Catholic Inquisitors & Willie Lynch Slaves attempt to commit The Genocide of True Americans! This blog contains factual accounts of my life and the people who insisted upon forcing their way into it. STOP AMERICAN GENOCIDE Stop Sex Slavery of Americans Vonne Monai's Autobigraphy/Notes Vonne Monai's BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS
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2 Responses to Val’s Fake Death

  1. V says:

    YOU ARE STILL THE WORST EVIL BITCH I’VE EVER KNOWN!! You should be treated like shit,ever since you found out that you were half white, you all of a sudden think you’re better than everyone, why is that?, since you’ve never amounted to shit!!! why don’t you kill your fucking self, so I can post it as fake you fake slut whore!!!!! HEY WOMEN!!! watch your men around this wanting to be all white, miserable half breed NIGGER BITCH CUNT WHORE!!!

  2. Vonne Monai says:

    I’ve always known about my White Dad.
    Uncle George used to tell me about him when you and Vikki were at school.
    Dot would bring me to visit him in his store and when when Dot went to the bathroom he’d talk to me about it.
    She caught him telling me about it one day and they proceeded to argue about it.
    I remember it all.
    I also remember you causing a rukus by stealing hundreds of dollars from him.
    Remember he nicknamed you Cookie because you liked those Uneeda biscuits in the purple box?
    He nicknamed me Skinny Pants for obvious reasons.
    He began telling me when I was even younger because as he told Dot “she ought to know”.
    Our elementary school gym teacher, Mrs. Scott used to call me into her office asking me about it all the time.
    You were not with me every second of the day and would not know what others have told me or how many times my Dad and I were in contact.
    You and Vikki were obsessed with me and him to the point you used to show off my Dad’s photo in our family photo album to your friends and not your black Father.
    You’re jealous and angry as usual.
    Your own dad didn’t want you because he discovered you were a liar and a thief at age 3.
    Dot bragged about how he’d get on his knees and pray to God that his children didn’t come out short and dark like him, but pretty like Dot.
    It’s not my fault that you can’t understand that I was born into your chaos and you all imposed your demented will upon me.
    You are so jealous that any time I tried to talk to you about my Dad you would just say “but you’re still my sister” as if you’re getting your self esteem from me not accepting my true identity.
    YOU think I’m better than you because my Dad is White.
    I never brought it up until we were in our twenties and you and all of the other blacks were so bent out of shape over my being so different even though you all were so quick to point out these differences every chance you got as though it would ruin my self esteem.
    If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have graduated from high school.
    I was the one who helped you pass your basic spanish class.
    Remember you told me you didn’t want to be fluent in it just pass the class to graduate.
    When you were threatened not to graduate again for chronic latenesses I was the one who not only got up two hours earlier than I needed to for class, but stayed up with you until you left because you had a habit of turning off your alarm clock radio, smoke the rest of your Kool clipped cigarette and go back to sleep.
    So yes I’ve earned my high self esteem by doing for you what your own biological parents wouldn’t do for you.
    Not to mention when I tried to get your Bishop uncle to help you get into rehab for your alcohol and crack problem which he didn’t do anything to help you with even though I pleaded for him to help his deceased brother’s only child.
    You’re an ungrateful beast at best and the devil incarnate at worst!
    You’re incapable of being a human being.
    Also you can’t have it both ways.
    I can’t be conceited and want your undesirable married boyfriends simultaneously stupid.
    What you and the other evil losers have done to me and put me through will pass, but you’ll have an eternity to suffer for your crimes against humanity and persecuting Christians.
    What’s done in the dark always comes to the light.
    Beloved, avenge not yourselves, vengeance belongs to me. God is not mocked, I will repay.
    The Holy Bible.

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