If YOU Only Had a Brain! The Fake Help From Evil Fuck-Ups

If YOU Only Had a Brain!

The Fake Help From Evil Fuck-Ups

Miss Meadows was our landlady when we lived on West 135th Street, New York, N.Y.

She was like a grandmother to me/us.

We’d hadn’t met our maternal grandmother yet.

Dot thought she was a square because she was a spinster who worked and saved to buy the three story building we resided in on West 135th St.

I remember she was always kind to us and Dot restricted us from any maningful interactions with her.

I suppose it was for the best because Vikki and Valli would have eaten her alive.

She always criticized her for not being married because that was Dot’s only

accomplishment even though it was acquired deceptively.

Having no kids of her own and seemingly no family to speak of Dot would berate

her to us as if she were lonely and pathetic.

I really think she would have gave us that building, but Dot was so fucking spoiled

and wild she resented anyone who was worthwhile.

I remember she gave us a beautiful mother of pearl piggy bank that I named Betsy.

When we moved to Staten Island Dot had us put pennies in it from the change we

would get back from running to the store for her.

When it was full she would empty it and give us some of the pennies to spend.

Vikki would spend some and save some.

Valli would blow through hers as soon as possible and I would be accused of being

a miser because I liked to save all of mine.

Vikki and I would then be forced to share our pennies with Valli.

Dot would ask me what I was saving for and I knew I’d better not tell her it was for a house and car because she absolutely despised this personality trait in people.

I had become a numismatic and had begun collecting distinctive coins.

I had found a Greek coin, probably lost by the Greek neighbors we used to have down the hall on the 6th floor at 14 Roxbury St.

I lost it a few years later at her sister, Johnnye James, 81 Mill Road in Easts Hartford, Ct.;

in the green pleather chair they had and I couldn’t find it for the life of me.

When I first found it Dot bought a little book to see if it was worth anything.

It wasn’t so she let me keep it.

There was no sense hiding it from her because she would go through our belongngs routinely.

That’s how she found Valli’s lesbian porn when she was 11 years old.

I’d come home many times to find she had gotten rid of some of my toys.

In the nineties when I was trying to get my collection together again I discovered that same Greek coin I had was worth $500.00

They are such instant gratification whores that they fail to realize that the valuable things that actually appreciate over time are worth keeping.

In the early 90’s I had a bureau that was worth over a million dollars, but couldn’t sell it because I was burdened with those children they forced me to have as well as debilitating migraines.

I also had a penny worth over a million dollars as well as a dime worth $2,000.00

I was unable to cash in on these items because of being laden with the children they forced me to have and the debilitating migraines, insomnia as well as the inherited blood disorder I’ve struggled with my entire life.

I also think that no matter what I had done, they would have somehow stolen or ripped me off because they are sadistic.

If they were really trying to repay me what they owed me they could have just as easily just sold these items and opened a bank account in my name with the cash deposited in it.

I concluded they were just trying to tell me that if I were so smart I would know the value of the items I had been given, but I think they just wanted me to go on a wild goose chase.

What thieves really ever make amends by giving their victims what is actually owed to the with interest?

Another thing is that they pulled the same thing with a really nice house in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The scheme was that they conned this successful black man into wanting to get rid of it because he had such a bad time with a gemini woman there (he was supposedly a virgo) that

through victor james (most likely an alias, this black man was supposedly from the midwest, I think he was a gay coke head, he also raped me) he offered it to me for $16,000.00.

I knew it was a deal and they even had Luscious Morris try and give me $8,000 prior to this offer, but I refused the offer because I didn’t know him like that.

The house was great.

It was on the corner, had a huge yard, two floors, attic and basement, but it came with those niggers.

How was I supposed to get rid of them?

It was bad enough being saddled with the kids, but with those sadistic, pedophile, homosexual, rapist niggers and their white cohorts it would have been more torture because that’s who they are.

I couldn’t see myself stressed with the yard work and all of the other maintenance with absolutely no help at all.

So those idiots pretend to repay me, but never actually do.

I suppose they think I should have to work for the repayment which is no repayment all because I already trained for years prior to working for the money they stole from me.

Then they get to pretend that they tried.

They tried to repay me, but I just didn’t know that they were trying to help is the excuse they sadistically bleat.

When they refuse to actually repay me without all of the games which I think is their evil way of saying that they could do the right thing by me, but they won’t.

With so many untrustworthy niggers involved why would I think anything good wouldn’t be fucked up because that’s their trademark lying, stealing and fucking shit up.

One of Val’s favorite threats to me was “I can take anything from you”

The jealous apes.

Games they always play fucking games as if I like games because I’m a Gemini.

Well I don’t like games I haven’t agreed to play.

I don’t like mind games and I don’t find them intriguing or purposeful.

They are the most evil fucks I have ever encountered.

They refuse to acknowledge that I have my preferences and I don’t have time for mind games due to my infirmities as well as my many interests which have nothing to do with their idiotic mind games.

I will never think they’re smart because they have nothing except time to waste.

I think I wouldn’t have time for their head games even if I had no infirmities because they are a wastes of time and designed to make them feel as if they are smart or outsmarting people when they are simply evil using worldly devilish knowledge which Christians are not to indulge in.



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Fun Facts 2 All of those so-called Mulattoes in Show Business don’t actually exist.

Fun Facts 2

All of those so-called Mulattoes in Show Business don’t actually exist.

They are half jewish and half black (crypto jews).

They can’t be Mulattoes because Mulattoes have white fathers and black mothers.

The product of a white mother and a black father is considered  and accepted as black.

Jewish people aren’t white and can’t produce Mulattoes in the first place, no matter how much white blood they seem to have in them.

Jewish people are the only tribe who have a matriarchy and it’s for nefarious purposes.

It’s the seed that makes you who you are and that’s a biblical rule and a scientific fact .

When other groups are sold on the matriarchal mindset it ruins them as was the plan of their jewish enemies to begin with.

Isn’t it funny how a drop of jewish blood makes one golden and a drop of black blood makes one shit?

Isn’t it funny how success means being as far away from blacks as humanly possible and being accepted by the jewish tribe simultaneously?



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Fun Facts 1

Fun Facts 1

Jesus didn’t care about his enemies children!

Jesus sang The Halal which expresses smashing his enemies babies’ heads against the rocks.



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On Howard Hughes

On Howard Hughes


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Forgiveness Is Not a Pardon (Part 3 of 4)

Forgiveness Is Not a Pardon (Part 3 of 4)


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Stop Telling Me How To Be A Christian When You Are Not A Christian!

Stop Telling Me How To Be A Christian When You Are Not A Christian!

Propaganda in hollywood about Christian’s turning the other cheek and not defending themselves is absurd.

If that were the case then God’s people  wouldn’t have had armies to fight their enemies and defend themselves.

After all, King David was a general and destroyed goliath as a boy.

Forgiveness 70×70 refers to the brethren only who we are to be patient with though they may have backslidden and not to be extended to the heathen.

Jesus said he only prays for the brethren, who God gave to him, his own; and not for the heathen.

Misguided Christians praying for those outside of the faith are acting against what Jesus said and did while we are supposed to use him as an example and emulate him.

We are told to turn away from those who have done or said evil after 2 times because the first time may have been a mistake, but the second time establishes a pattern of behavior.

Therefore, there’s no need to turn the other cheek repeatedly and be abused as seen in hollywood propaganda.

The propaganda is meant to confuse everyone and make Christians seem like masochists when nothing could be further from the truth.

Satan knows his time is short and the father of lies is trying to pull out all of the stops.

Once saved isn’t always saved because losing ones salvation is supposed to concern us and we would not have been exhorted to be careful of this if we were not able to lose it.

Baptism isn’t always doable and the ethiopian wasn’t baptized, but he was accepted as a believer.

Everyone isn’t able to be formally baptized for various reasons and that’s why it’s the circumcision of the heart that counts and not the body.

Isn’t it interesting that the same players responsible for crucifying Christ are the same players responsible for leading in the persecution of Christians throughout history as well as in the present (jewish and roman decent)?

Isn’t it miraculous how they can’t get rid of The Holy Bible?

It’s still the number 1 best seller of all time and always has been.

It seems that it would be the answer to stamping out true Christianity.

God’s laws are written in our hearts, so I think it wouldn’t have been effective anyway.

According to The Holy Bible being over run by foreigners is a curse.

We are not supposed to be cruel to foreigners, but we aren’t supposed to be burdened by them or anyone else either.

Shedding innocent blood defiles the land, which is yet another reason why we are to discern between right and wrong and punish people accordingly.

No extortioners, cowards, etc. go to Heaven.

There is an unforgivable sin and it’s blaspheming God’s Holy Spirit.

We are supposed to judge and get justice.

We are supposed to be recompensed for crimes committed against us.

God loves to judge and he judges everyday.

Judge not lest you be judged is about jumping to conclusions and not having spiritual discernment about the brethren who may seem to be out of God’s will when they’re not.

Sounding a trumpet when doing charity is fake charity.

God tells us to do our charity in secret and he will reward us openly.

It’s a constant frustration for those who accuse people like me of being lucky when I’m actually being blessed for having done my charity in secret and then being rewarded openly by God or even being blessed for other reasons known only by God and myself.

We are to give credit where credit is due (tribute where tribute is due).

Denying people credit is simply another form of lying and slander.

Taking credit you don’t deserve is also lying.

Profane language is lying according to God.

These are just some of the misinterpretations that have been promoted by the evil one and his minions.

He is the author of lies and there is no truth in him.

It’s understandable why many are called and few are chosen.



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‪RE: BET is racist against dark skin black women‬

‪RE: BET is racist against dark skin black women‬

Healthy self esteem is earned and can’t be given to people no matter how much we pity them.

Lazy people are covetous and want everything for nothing.

Whores want to be desired by all males, for advantage, despite the fact that most people have preferences.

Given artificial preference (propaganda) just amplifies their inferiority.

Coddling wild animals only leads them to ungratefully take advantage like the untamable animals in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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