UK: Police stops Muslim for routine check, finds kidnapped woman crying in trunk

The Muslim Issue

Kidnapper is jailed after police stopped him for driving while disqualified and found a woman in the boot of his car

  • Shafak Abbas was questioned by police as he sat in his car in east London
  • He admitted that he did not have insurance but was acting suspiciously
  • Police searched the vehicle and found a woman, 26, crying in the boot
  • Officers also found a BB gun in the footwell and Abbas was arrested 

By Joe Sheppard For Mailonline
Published: 11:47, 30 September 2017 | Updated: 13:05, 30 September 2017

Kidnapper: Shafak Abbas has been jailedKidnapper: Shafak Abbas has been jailed

A kidnapper has been jailed after police stopped him for driving while disqualified and found a crying woman in the boot of his car.

Shafak Abbas was approached by specialist firearms officers as he sat in his gold Mercedes on a residential street in east London.

When questioned the driver admitted that he was…

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Offended Much?

Jesus was never offended, but he offended many 🙂

My Mother said people fall under one of 3 catagories.

They were either

1) Illiterate

2) Intelligent

3) Intellectual

She accused me of being an intellectual as well as conservative.

She bragged that she was liberal.

She used to tell me that I would have a hard time relating to people.

I knew when she first said it, that it would be people who would have a hard time relating to me.

In the ’70’s Dot used to speak of people who were “not college material.”

She meant the affirmative action program people.

Including the veterans who went to school under the GI bill as well as the other usual suspects.

She also would speak of what she called “educated fools.”

From what I gather, she meant people who had book knowledge, but no practical life skills or street knowledge.

In the early part of the 20th century only 2% of Americans were illiterate.

I gather that the 98% who were literate could actually read and comprehend, unlike today.

Clearly, the reading and comprehension skills have declined due to affirmative action and third world immigration

Vonne Monai

Shared publicly  –  Oct 7, 2013

My Gang Stalkers 4

Scott WilsonNov 26, 2016

you’ve obviously met some of the shit people not everyone like that not everyone wants to control, all men require a woman that can change into the woman of lowly virtue and meet their mother an hour later, the secret is I believe being respectful, cheers

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Vonne MonaiDec 9, 2016

I never said all people are like that.

You don’t understand the gravity of the situation I was in and how desperately I worked from early childhood until this day to escape from those evil bastards.

I’m supposed to have the right to freely associate with whoever I see fit based on my opinions and decisions and not be forced to be bred with people I didn’t choose and that are detrimental to me.

I don’t have the time or inclination to sort through a pile of excrement to discover a diamond in the rough.

People are free to do as they please as am I.

I’ve always been respectful to people because I respect myself.

I think the problem is with the actual definition of the word respect.

For example: I am not disrespecting anyone if I’m not able to chat them up while I’m in the throws of a migraine.

They on the other hand are being disrespectful of my personal situation because they don’t know me well enough to make idiotic snap judgements about me!

Scott WilsonDec 9, 2016

I’m sorry you’re right I’m sure, as regards the idiotic snap judgements what do you expect if you post publicly I meant you no ill will.take care.

Vonne Monai12:47 PM

+Scott Wilson I expect people to have the ability to read and comprehend, both in public and in private.

Scott Wilson1:02 PM

So do I you are misjudging me, safe to say when I made my initial comment I was thinking you were referring to something else, I’m now of the opinion your talking about some sort of illuminati mind control or sex slave issue really not sure as initially you seemed to be talking on emotional level,then the second time you tried to berate me for not understanding you completely, and now you’re at it again, the problem is I can’t read your mind and I can only work with what you say, at the point I don’t care you may express your frustration if you wish, but I have no time for pseudo intellectuals trying to denigrate me with there belief that they are morally and intellectually superior to me,

Be more concise and try and be a human, cheers best wishes

Vonne Monai2:51 PM

+Scott Wilson I’m human because I’m not hiding and I’m being forthright and open.

You’re offended because you jumped to conclusions and want to scold me because of your error.

I see you just have to have the last word.

Is that human or petty?

Offended Much?

Vonne Monai

Shared publicly  –  Dec 27, 2016

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Pneumonia and Cancers and Tumors are common causes of death from HIV/AIDS.

Singer George Michael dies of heart failure at 53

Grieving fans on Monday mourned the death of George Michael as British charities revealed that the pop star had secretly been a major behind-the-scenes donor who gave his time and money to support cherished causes.

Pierre BonhommeYesterday 12:06 AM

You are making a huge corollary leap that is not rooted in any evidence or knowledge of his personal health, unless you have access to medical records. This is not right.

Vonne MonaiYesterday 8:32 AM

+Pierre Bonhomme Unfortunately I’m right.

It’s one of the Plagues by God that is unwritten.

Herpes is written about in The Holy Bible.

It’s a great read,

The Book of Life if you will.

Also, I read everything on the subject because I have a half sister who has the disease.

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Vonne MonaiYesterday 8:45 AM

+Pierre Bonhomme

We were told early on that we would all know someone with the disease because that’s how rapidly it was spreading (early 1980’s).

Celebrities may be even more vulnerable than the rest of us.

Their fame and fortune doesn’t give them immunity.

Why should anyone be ashamed of having it in this day and age?

Vonne Monai

Shared publicly  –  Dec 27, 2016

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Pneumonia, Cancers and Tumors are common causes of death from HIV/AIDS.

‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher has died at 60

NBC News

Fisher, who had recently wrapped the filming of “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” was in the midst of a tour to promote her eighth book.

Delray Twait7:59 AM

now that statement is quite opionated and offensive. i survived a seven hour open heart surgery and during my hospital stay my blood was tested several times a day. i do not have hiv/aids. of course i do not know that the three celebrities that you vilefy with your inuendo dont have hiv/aids; but niethor do you.

Vonne Monai12:35 PM

+Delray Twait

It’s not my opinion, but a fact.

There are many common causes of deaths due to the HIV/AIDS virus.

I didn’t vilify anyone.

I never stated that everyone who has those particular diseases has HIV/AIDS.

There was no innuendo involved.

You’re offended when this doesn’t pertain to you.

Unfortunately I’m Right

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Stupid Rationalizations & Plausible Deniability

Stupid Rationalizations & Plausible Deniability

First of all, what’s it to you?

Second of all, why are you afraid of me telling my life story?

An answer to the latest stupid comment about those freaks faking their own deaths:

They’ve heard superstitious people say “don’t speak ill of the dead”

Even though many speak ill of Hitler as well as others.

They wrongly thought that I would stop writing the truth about them if they were to pretend to be dead.

They have the wrong idea about Christians and justice, forgiveness, etc.

They don’t understand because they aren’t Christians, but satanists.

Read: Stop Telling Me How To Be a Christian When You Are Not a Christian!

They’ve tried all sorts of stupid ploys in an attempt to stop me from telling anyone and everyone the truth about them.

Had they not mocked and stalked me like the vile beasts they are I most likely wouldn’t have given them another thought.

Here’s the thing you don’t understand:

I don’t care that you’re evil.

I don’t care because I get to judge you and I’ll have justice.

I hate the sin and not the sinner because it’s toxic to hate people and only God is capable of hating people.

After all he’s the Creator and I’m not interested in usurping his authority in any way.

I’m happy to have cultivated the right kind of enemies.

I’m like Jesus and because I share in his sufferings I get to share in his glory.

I don’t care if you waste your existences trying to make my life a living hell.

I’m hardened to your evil and have the peace that passes understanding.

You evil freaks are no mystery to me.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior and not you!

You will never be anything to me except evil losers who I get to forget about for an eternity while you’ll never be able to forget about me for an eternity.

You deserve to be inconsolable because you are incorrigible!

You are the ones who tried to force me to be a Buhddist in order to try and persuade me that I must have done something wrong in a past life to be persecuted in this life.

I suppose it was Johnnye Mae’s idea because when they forced bred me for the third time I noticed she had a Gohonzon on her living room wall.

When I mentioned it she seemed unnerved and had nothing to really say about it.

Dot always said “all men are dogs”

Val called males “mental dicks”

Val also used to frequently say “happier than a faggot in boys town”

and “dicks don’t have a conscience”

When Dot and Val lived in two the only two apts. that were livable at 49 Clinton Ave, New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., 1st floor (the owner/landlord was named Chiraccello) in 1978, she told me that Robert Scott was indebted to a loan shark and mentioned Phil Rizzuto from the TV commercials The Money Store.

Louie Gambardella was known as a loan shark among other things.

The Bugos’ also lived a couple of doors down the Street.

They used to be our neighbors for a short time when we lived on the 6th floor at 14 Roxbury St.

Dot said that Mr. Burgos (puerto ricans), who spoke no english, stole bras from his job and sold them and soon he and his wife, son and daughter moved out of the projects and into a house.

When Val still had her apt. before she had to move into Dot’s after she ran her boyfriend Rob off by knifing him for looking at Playboy magazines that were in the basement and watching Wonder Woman religiously on T.V.; Dot told Idrissa to beat me.

“Beat her, she needs to be beaten.”

When he was going to do it and Vikki, Val & Eric, were sitting on her sofa in front of the window (1978).

I pleaded with them to stop it.

Eric reluctantly came to the rescue and said for them to stop it.

It was the same sick scene that played out in 1973 at 81 Mill Rd. East Hartford, Ct.

Vikki, Val and Lorraine were sitting on the green pleather sofa in front of the window just to your left when you walked into the front door.

I was starving during our visit there and insisted that Dot (Johnnye Mae was present and gloating) give me $.65 so I could buy some onion rings at Augie and Rays.

Dot had been giving out money to everyone and gave each of Johnnye Mae’s 6 children $5.00 each.

When I was about to eat the onion rings, Larry James went on a tear breaking records and screaming at me.

“you didn’t want to eat when you were a baby”

“Why do you want to eat now?!”

He proceeded to knock the onion rings out of my hand and when I looked over at the beasts on the sofa for help, I saw they were gloating and smirking and were in connivance with Larry.

I was 12 years old, Larry James was 20 years old, Lorraine James was 18 years old, Vikki was 16 years old, Valli was 14 years old.

There was also a Pizzaria a few doors down from the Burgos’.

Val worked as a babysitter for a Catholic Priest who lived across the street while she was pregnant with her daughter.

Val hated the easy job because she wanted to watch her soap operas and the priest didn’t allow anything on the TV except PBS.

When I arrived there and the Pope came to N.Y. Dot said she liked him.

She hated church and said that they were all hypocrites, but she liked Pope John Paul.

Dot used to say that a person can’t even babysit without a high school diploma.

The diploma that Dot didn’t have and only wanted Vikki to have.

The diploma Val wouldn’t have if I hadn’t helped her obtain it.

Dot’s younger sister, Loradean told us when we were in our teens that Dot had dropped out of school at 16 and ran away up north to be with Johnnye Mae.

Dot used to brag that she only had two years of college, but had boasted way too many times and was called out on it by Debbie Quick.

She told her that two years of college equals an associates degree.

Dot could have just died when she told her that.

First she stammered and tried in disbelief to grasp what just happened.

I never believed her and to my knowledge she never told that lie about it again.

She told us regularly as children “I only agreed to have one child.”

“I never wanted you.” (speaking to Val and me).

She also threatened us regularly, too.

She’d say “I’m going to put you all in a home for bad girls.”

“you don’t have anyone.”

“nobody wants you.”

“people pretend to want you because they want that check.”

Why would her and Val fake there own death? I see both of there facebook profiles haven’t been used in a few years. onVikki’s Fake Death


on 12/13/16

i wish we could watch these videos while my white cock was inside you on Should Blacks Pay Reparations to Whites?


on 2/27/16

do you like to have your pussy eaten by white boys? on Lifetime Of Narcissistic Abuse: An Interview With My Wife


on 2/27/16

At least I now know you’re alive; good luck with your path. on Behavioral Genetics | How twins saved psychology


on 2/7/16

Note how Joogall censored link in 2) above! (This comment will likely be deleted by their censors!) Here are references and other evidences proving the TOP secret Jewish/Muslim & Jewish/Christian alliances: 1) Jew as Ally of the Muslim: Medieval Roots of Antisemitism. 2) Muhammad was a Jew: (Shia seem to be the less Jewish sect.) 3) Italians are Jews: Direct link to video only: Joogall, and TalkJoo, the Bitches of Glitches, have habits of censoring via “jugs”,[kosher bugs], and audio/video tampering. See “November IDES” folder here for direct PDF/MP4 download: Romans were Jews who betrayed the Etruscans using their wealth, white women and children to start the Roman Empire and “ on Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt


on 1/30/16

Here are references that explain the top secret Jewish/Muslim Jewish/Vatican alliances: 1) Jew as Ally of the Muslim:Medieval Roots of Antisemitism. 2) Romans were Jews who betrayed the Etruscans using their wealth and white women/children to start the Roman Empire. (See Etruscan numbers, ;Chimera Lion’ and their ‘lost culture’. Hint: The Jews of the Serpent, be they of Zion or Sion,[zAyin/sAyin; see Ayin 26 Qabala], lose NOTHING; the Chimera’s Louvre residence, [clearly depicting the M.O. of the s-erpent sect of Judaism], proves this fact!) Note the pattern correlation between the “Young Turk” Donmeh crypto-Jewish “MUSLIM” coup we;re taught was a revolution, their crucifixions, starvations and other torture methods of white Greek and Armenian Women/children to that of the Romans. The demonic Jews hide their hideous pay outs to their demonic partners in crime behind various masks, including that of certain so-called “Native American” tribes. (See DNA / blood studies of Cherokee on Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt


on 1/29/16

All of the written above is….. WOW! From what I have very, very briefly seen — read from you on various sites… all I can say is that I am ;somewhat inclined to place some credence in what you write. No other way to put it as there is no way for me to check of course. But even if it were entirely fiction, it very well done." I wish you well. — just a fellow from Bayonne, NJ on Who is Vonne Monai?


on 11/17/13

American women voting began a downward spiral thats so vile Im at a loss for words to describe my disgust. Theyre entitlement mentality and lack of appreciation has taken the light out of their eyes. Women will never be equal to men. Its weird (indoctrination, etc.) they think they can or want to be. I once attempted to read a feminist book my older half Sister, Vikki had from her university. It was so awful I put it down and realized how hateful feminists were to men. How they used sex to control and abuse them and force them into submission I surmised this from her other reading material which included The Happy Hooker and some other paperbacks about Seka, a porno industry flavor of the month. The sentence I did read was something like: The more I see of men, the more I like dogs. Now, I realize liking dogs more than a particular man is normal, but this was the writing of a hate filled, bitter, violent sounding female. I knew how violent they were, but hadnt known it was on Only men rape- Part One: female paedophiles

Vonne Monai

on 10/25/13

Theyre The Personification of Cowards! on Why Women Are The Only Targets Of The Pro Women & Pro Blks Who Come After

Vonne Monai

on 8/17/13

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on 6/14/13

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on 5/15/13

I always thought that men who date average Black females were gay because there isnt much of a difference between the two. on Black Women Should H8 All Black Gay Men! Here’s Why…

Vonne Monai

on 5/1/13

Politics 101 on Why Mixed People Should Not Be Called Black?

Vonne Monai

on 4/30/13

STOP AMERICAN GENOCIDE on Judge Sentenced to 28 Years for “Selling Kids” to Private Prisons!

Vonne Monai

on 4/30/13

Stop Sex Slavery of Americans on Judge Sentenced to 28 Years for “Selling Kids” to Private Prisons!

Vonne Monai

on 4/30/13

Gays were never really IN the closet. Theyre just making themselves into sacred cows who arent supposed to be held accountable for anything; no matter how outrageous their behavior is. They already have political clout like the other complainers. on NBA’s 1st Openly Gay Athlete! Could You Tell He Was Gay & Does It Matter?

Vonne Monai

on 4/30/13

This comment has been removed by the author. on NBA’s 1st Openly Gay Athlete! Could You Tell He Was Gay & Does It Matter?

Vonne Monai

on 4/29/13

Most of the (paraphiliacs) sociopaths, psychopaths I know have their Fathers in their lives and always had. on Personality disorders of a dangerous woman

Vonne Monai

on 4/24/13

They look like *#@! Vultures! The first thing normal people would do is to try and revive him. The dead guy might have deserved it though. on Blacks Rob A Shooting Victim Then Leave Him For Dead While Video Taping It!

Vonne Monai

on 4/20/13

2:07:11 Once saved always saved; Thats the greatest stroke of Anti-Christ, Satanic genius ever in the history of the world. Gary Price on MONOPOLY MONEY AND THE BEAST(GARY PRICE)

Vonne Monai

on 4/10/13

Criminals are routinely forced to go into the army. on Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 29 (Serial Killers – Military …

Vonne Monai

on 4/7/13

They give pedophiles disability benefits retroactively (hundreds of thousands of dollars). on Man Saves His Teen-Aged Daughter From Facebook Predator At Their Home!

Vonne Monai

on 4/3/13

Black feminists Nutty Scheme to replace White females. on Black Feminist Social Engineering | Neurolinguistic Programming | DARPA …

Vonne Monai

on 4/3/13

Shaking Baby Syndrome. Some White sex tourists probably paid the Black male a bowl of rice to film them. Notice she has extensions in her hair. Theyll do anything for fake hair to cover their shame. Black females are physically stronger than most males, so its hard to believe they can be overpowered and raped. Pound for pound they usually outweigh most normal males. on Black Woman Caught Having S-E-X With Infant Strapped To Her Back In The …

Vonne Monai

on 4/3/13

They mean the horrible things they wish on people and try their hardest to make it come true. Never underestimate how low jealous, bitter whores will go! Everything offends them and they think they know it all because they have more sex with more men than any other woman on the planet. on The Most Classless, Vile & Unlady Like Women On The Planet Are??? Pt 1

Vonne Monai

on 4/2/13

9:46 There IS a difference between being cheap and broke. Its nice someone knows the difference:) All points he made are valid. on Tariq Nasheed: 8 Types Of Men, Women Hate

Vonne Monai

on 4/2/13

It’s systemic and where the artificial promotions originate from. on Largest School CheatingScandal EVER As Black Teachers Deprive Black Kids…

Vonne Monai

on 4/2/13

Beyonce and The Obamas are all part of The Propaganda Machine. on Tommy Blast @Beyonce s Song Bow Down As Well As Michelle & @BarackObama

Vonne Monai

on 3/19/13

This comment has been removed by the author. on Tommy Blast @Bees Song Bow Down As Well As Michell @BarackObama

Vonne Monai

on 3/19/13

Mixed people were always separate from Blacks and Whites. The Jim Crow Laws allowed the Blacks to take their frustrations with Whites out on the Mixed people instead of them. It allows the Whites to appear as if they are better than Blacks to Mixed people, but its just a distraction and an illusion to obtain power and keep it. Forcing Mixed people to live around and with Blacks is wrong and it keeps the wild type of Blacks in line and easier to control and do crime for the Whites. on Beautiful Mixed Child Gets Poundcaked By Darkies As Parents Watch & Do N…

Vonne Monai

on 3/15/13

It reminds me of a Dave Chapelle character who said "they think theyre the best dancers and they eat up all the chicken! on Hefty Darkie KKKooning & Soft Shoein For Mr Charlie pt 5

Vonne Monai

on 3/14/13

She deserved it because she isnt the least bit contrite! on Beastie Gets C-H-O-K-E-Slammed Outside Nite Club For Running Her Beak!

Vonne Monai

on 3/14/13

My ratchet, older, half sisters had the audacity to begin barking at me every chance they got to "get with God Their new attitude came about when they were in their thirties and trying to get remarried. They decided to pretend to be reformed by slandering people as much as possible. I almost couldnt believe their hypocrisy. Then I realized they meant Satan:) onChick Addicted To B-U-T-T Injections Tries To Help Others! Tommy Aint Ha…

Vonne Monai

on 3/14/13

Freedom can never be properly appreciated by retards because they think it means that can say and do whatever they want to. Those abnormal idiots have no maternal or paternal instincts. on Beastie Sells Her Infant Daughter To SnowMan For Child P-0-R-N!

Vonne Monai

on 3/9/13

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on 3/1/13

The original targets of the eugenicists artificially promoted themselves out of ignorance, stupidity and greed. Framing, slandering and artificially demoting the good breeders and better bred people was/is intended to make us the target of the eugenicists. The eugenicists mapped the human genome to identify the actual bad breeders, who are unsustainable due to their costly inbred diseases. The costliest and so-called common diseases were due to inbreeding and purely preventable. The bad breeders were too stupid to realize that the eugenicists were not mapping the human genome to help them with their bad choices and lifestyles (genetic problems/social ills) but to identify them and eradicate them. on Race and Crime

Vonne Monai

on 1/23/13

Black females are liars and never tell the truth. Theyre always guilty of promoting the very thing(s) they speak out against. They are the only people allowed to put down gays and are not attacked for it because they help to create them. onBlacks & Their Fascination With Homo-sexuality!

Vonne Monai

on 1/3/13

Wow.. So wrong!Hope they get the chair! on Black Teens Family Members Murder Her White Teenage Boyfriend For Money!

Robyn Love

on 1/1/13

Wow.. So wrong!Hope they get the chair! on Black Teens Family Members Murder Her White Teenage Boyfriend For Money!

Robyn Love

on 1/1/13

She just exposed the real reason why White males are their tricks! I recently had some of my videos deleted because they explained their vicious cycle of inbreeding. on The Most Insane Message I Ever Got On Line

Vonne Monai

on 1/1/13

This comment has been removed by the author. on The Most Insane Message I Ever Got On Line

Vonne Monai

on 1/1/13

Vonnie you stated you are a moulatto right. I understand that part. No where anywhere in your blog do you claim black heritage. So please keep us blacks out your fuckking mind please. on Less than Animal Black Female Gang Stalker


on 11/29/12

There is obviously a lot to identify about this. I consider you made some nice points in features also. Kızlık zarı on Steve Quayle “FREEDOM FROM LUST”

Kızlık zarı

on 10/30/12

They have to be gay to play, remember Vanessa Williams? on Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J On Stage

Vonne Monai

on 10/9/12

It’s more like "The Feminist Agenda":) on Black Man: The White Woman’s Agenda

Vonne Monai

on 9/4/12

Thanks for acknowledging that there was also a White Male Beast because the Black Female Beasts are empowered ($$$) by these White Male Beasts:) on Black Beast Assaults White Guy At A Red Box

Vonne Monai

on 8/29/12

A zero times a trillion still equals ZERO! on

Vonne Monai

on 8/25/12

White Momma Mulattoes always had "Ghetto Passes. Theyre usually not discriminated against by Blacks. Their White Mothers began demanding a separate category for them and this is the reason we "now" hear of them being attacked by Black females. on Mother Decapitates Son Then Puts Head In The Freezer

Vonne Monai

on 8/23/12

Ditto:) on Sistas Cant Keep They Mouth Or Legs Closed!

Vonne Monai

on 8/19/12

Prostitution, pedophilia and adultery werent enough! on Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military |

Vonne Monai

on 8/19/12

Its no secret, they have too much testosterone. Black females are too busy trying to drive others to commit suicide to do it themselves. on Black Women are being studied by the US Military

Vonne Monai

on 8/18/12

This comment has been removed by the author. on Black Women are being studied by the US Military

Vonne Monai

on 8/18/12

Hed better try and hang on to that monster because decent women have no use for weak males. They can’t protect themselves from those beasts or anyone else! Most males are weak and have no self respect. Thats why they wind up with whores in the first place. on After The Abuse CUT EM LOOSE! (Chad Johnson Begs Evelyn Back)

Vonne Monai

on 8/17/12

two legs good, four legs better sanity is not statistical" It’s Orwellian on Some of us are really starting not to care (LR)

Vonne Monai

on 8/14/12

A lot of these females have horrible figures before they have kids Then they blame their being out of shape on having kids! on I Hate Fat Girls

Vonne Monai

on 8/14/12

All foreigners are the same. The media tries to brainwash us into accepting these losers, the ungodly weirdos. Any American who puts any foreigner above a fellow American is a traitor. Military men marry these third world hookers and infest our country with its trashy relatives in addition to their spouses. They can’t assimilate because they are too dumb.They are set loose on us and we are supposed to favor them over ourselves and each other. All Americans who refuse to embrace them and their primitive ways are targeted and persecuted. Im not a bigot just because I prefer my culture and language over theirs! Charity begins at home and it seems this global family nonsense is designed to displace Americans and replace them with these idiots who have nothing to contribute in their own homelands! Its the same old Divide and Conquer scenario. on GAALI – EVERY MAN MUST WATCH THIS WOMAN !!! (+Eng Sub)

Vonne Monai

on 8/14/12

They are insurgents engaging in guerilla warfare against genuine Americans! on TV Report 40,000 Hispanics in America converted to ISLAM after 9 11

Vonne Monai

on 7/26/12

They are an invasive alien species! on TV Report 40,000 Hispanics in America converted to ISLAM after 9 11

Vonne Monai

on 7/26/12

I wish theyd stop it already! Soft Kill is the cowardly, sadists way of rationalizing torture. on – Julianne McKinney on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation — Greg Syzmanski intervi

Vonne Monai

on 7/10/12

They are sadistic, homosexual, pedophile, rapists. They are cohorts of my Muslim Terrorist relatives! on LINCOLN OFFICER AVOIDS PRISON FOR KICKING WOMAN

They are sadistic, homosexual, pedophile, rapists. They are cohorts of my Muslim Terrorist relatives! on LINCOLN OFFICER AVOIDS PRISON FOR KICKING WOMAN

                                             Vonne Monai

                                                on 7/9/12

Punk, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, criminal, Willie Lynch Slaves of ALL backgrounds and races allowed those animals to subjugate me. They WILL all burn in Hell for an eternity! at 3:30 Western Feminists dont care Theres always some whorish feminists involved anytime there are crimes against women occurring! 5:35 rape gangs on Michael Coren & Robert Spencer On The Suicide Of Amina Filali

Vonne Monai

on 7/8/12

The children they forced into my life also have this blood disorder and they see no reason to have mercy on them either. I bet if it were Sickle Cell Anemia it would be another story! The children and I all have a higher intellect than most people and they are bent on a world represented without minds by deliberately marginalizing us! Willie Lynch Losers! on Beta Thalassemia Minor – Part 1

Vonne Monai

on 7/1/12

Hypercritical Black Women Hate Gays! Black females are overly involved in everyone’s personal lives because they are evil, slandering, busybodies who everyone dislikes. They seek to destroy people who are capable of good relationships by instigating and pulling the crying with no tears and anger tantrums. Throwing their pity parties for their tricks and thug boyfriends to avenge them of slights created in their jealous minds. on Black Christians Can Do No Wrong!

Vonne Monai

on 6/16/12

White America please watch this video and read this story so you can feel sorry and have some sympathy for the state of black America! Can we blame on slavery and Jim Crow sure we could, but would we need you to do is see what a good black person is up against when he is in an environment with his peers! Please listen to what this black women is saying so you can understand the dysfunction that is in the black community! White America look at that babies head and look at the mothers head so you can see why black women breeding out of control is hurting America! on Mother Of Baby Put In Washer Speaks


on 5/24/12

Your Welcome:) on My TI Story Pt 2

Vonne Monai

on 4/15/12

You look like Larry Ambrosino (PS 57), another Gang Stalking loser! on Google Plus Troll

Vonne Monai

on 4/13/12

You wish I were black, you loser. Write to your black whores who you belong to. on Google Plus Troll

in response to This is so funny. How old are you? You are still upset about something that happened fifty years ago when you were a little girl and another little girl was mean to you. Oh, and obviously little Mary Ann Ambrosie represents all of us Catholics, adults and all, converts and all. You then invite me to fact check it. Right, that business is still there, the same staff is still there and they all remember the day you got picked on as a little girl. So you are related to Michael Jackson, who’s from Philadelphia, you grew up in New York, and your land in Florida was stolen from you. You mother is allegedly Indian, and your father Italian but you are black. Wow, that is really convoluted., by David Billiot.

Vonne Monai

on 4/13/12

You are one of the Sadistic, Homosexual, Pedophile, Rapists. I will not be intimidated by you or your idiot, satanic losers! I stated clearly in the about section of Google Plus what my postings are about. You are obviously not concerned about Vikki and the others who are older than I am and still stalking and manipulating & my life as well as the children they forced me to have. If they didn’t want to be exposed, they ought not to have continued & this day with their orchestrations, etc. You will be added to my list of Gand Stalkers, since you are determined to defend people you claim not to know! on Google Plus Troll

Vonne Monai

on 4/13/12

Hi, I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me? David on How Zionists Divide and Conquer

David Haas

on 3/21/12

This is so funny. How old are you? You are still upset about something that happened fifty years ago when you were a little girl and another little girl was mean to you. Oh, and obviously little Mary Ann Ambrosie represents all of us Catholics, adults and all, converts and all. You then invite me to fact check it. Right, that business is still there, the same staff is still there and they all remember the day you got picked on as a little girl. So you are related to Michael Jackson, who’s from Philadelphia, you grew up in New York, and your land in Florida was stolen from you. You mother is allegedly Indian, and your father Italian but you are black. Wow, that is really convoluted. on Google Plus Trollsafe: “1 replies.

David Billiot

on 3/1/12

Nice blog! Physical pain suffered the THA lassemia minor symptoms. Although all the pain and discomfort, jealous madman, or slander and rob me of all my assets. Much of the information is beneficial for me. Thanks! code promo on My TI Story Pt 2

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Unfortunately I’m Right

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Pneumonia, Cancers and Tumors are common causes of death from HIV/AIDS.

My mother used to often say:

“If Vonne says it, it’s true, believe it”

“Nothing gets past those big eyes of hers.”

“She’s always right.”

Unfortunately I’m right, as usual.

It’s one of the Plagues by God that is unwritten.

Herpes is written about in The Holy Bible.

It’s a great read,

The Book of Life if you will.

Also, I read everything on the subject because I have a half sister who has the disease.

We were told early on that we would all know someone with the disease because that’s how rapidly it was spreading (early 1980’s).

Celebrities may be even more vulnerable than the rest of us.

Their fame and fortune doesn’t give them immunity.

Why should anyone be ashamed of having it in this day and age?

Is it because it’s a major, unsustainable drain on the health care system and 100% preventable?



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On My Writing and Composing

On My Writing and Composing

To a friend no explanation is necessary.
To an enemy no explanation will suffice.

I think that my early training in music at home, at three years old was one of the only ways I was allowed self expression.
It was inevitable that I would have some talent or gift in this area and that I would use it to express myself while being oppressed and abused regularly and routinely.
I was actively listening to Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Country & Western and Classical music.
Although my mother used to attempt to sing opera badly, she didn’t play it at home often even though I’m pretty sure she had a bit of it in her extensive record collection.
I recall Mario Lanza in her collection.
I didn’t like opera until in 2005 when I heard a female, German opera singer who I’m still trying to locate.
While I was having my voice trained by her at three years old (I showed interest in singing by mimicking Dot while she sang and cleaned around the apt.
She thought it was cute and began my training.
I suppose she was flattered that at least one of her children was interested in something she had some knowledge of.
Although Dot had no formal training in music herself she knew that it was an advantage to read and write music.
She also would express her jealousy for people who were fortunate enough to receive formal training by saying that playing by ear was better than playing written music.
She would sight people like Lucky Peterson, a child prodigy who could play the piano having had no formal training whatsoever.
She herself would try and acquire that ability by sitting at Vikki’s piano for endless drunken sessions banging away with the hope that she’d somehow be given a talent she could have simply worked for given the time she took doing it in the way that didn’t work.
It was another example of her silly, cultural marxist, communist, magical thinking that if one person could master something that anyone could.
Which is clearly not true no matter how many idiots want to believe it.
Now my mother would also say “dig that guitar, piano or drums”
Which would make listening to music a more complete experience.
In the 1st grade, I recall what was my best music class in public school.
We would listen to Peter and the Wolf and were supposed to identify the various classical instruments which were were pictured all across the upper wall of our classroom.
We sang a lot of songs and listened to pop recordings also.
In that same elementary school,
we had lots of music and singing of patriotic songs during assemblies and plays.
During inclement weather, we would have the lyrics projected onto the huge screen that was rolled down from the stage in the auditorium while the music was piped into the speakers.
We were to pass the time by singing mostly patriotic songs.
In the forth grade I was actually a Color Guard for a time, until the some other kids became jealous and I was relieved of my duties.
I was surrounded by music and remember viewing odd films during assembly while I was in the 1st grade.
The Jiminy Cricket and Smoky Bear films seemed appropriate to me, but the Sonny and Cher film and the film about the human heart which was narrated all while showing a human heart beating furiously on a table of all things made me want to pass out and I found it highly disturbing.
In the mid ’70’s, my mother used to pretend to want to learn how to play an instrument and Vikki and I tried in vain to teach her our instruments.
We realized she was just being a bitch and trying to waste our time.
She tried this ploy again on me in the ’80’s, but that was the last time I would indulge her and her sickening psychopathic nonsense.
I actually wrote “Ain’t that Way At All” for her to sing and earn money to repay me the money she had stolen from me with interest.
I had originally written country and western lyrics then changed them keeping the original music.
She was obstinate.
I got the idea when I heard a woman singing a jazz song on the radio and I thought it was her.
I asked her if she had recorded a song because I heard this woman on the radio who sounded just like her.
She told me she hadn’t and I asked her if she would be interested in recording and that I’d written a song specifically for her to sing.
She, of course being a lazy bitch declined.
I think I’m gifted in writing poetry and music because I have to force myself to stop writing.
I never have what’s referred to as writer’s block.
I think writer’s block doesn’t exist.
I think it’s an excuse made by people who lack genuine talent.
I also have this other gift of being able to think of several separate things simultaneously.
There’s a word in the dictionary for this ability, I don’t recall it, but I think it starts with the letter p.
I compose music and poetry easily.
When I’m inspired all it takes for me to begin is a word, a sentence, or just an idea which I easily complete at what others would consider breakneck speed.
I literally have to force myself to stop writing and composing.
The same applies to my short stories and movie scripts.
My music varies from rock, pop, jazz, country & western, reggae and gospel, so far.
I’ve considered composing classical music, but I think so highly of the many gifted composers that I was fortunate enough to have listened to that I think it would be sacrilege to attempt to emulate them.
Here’s how what might be described as my process goes.
For instance: In 1978 I was residing at 42 Burton St., Hartford, Ct. I as inspired to write a poem about the beautiful tree that was in the front yard.
It was oddly prophetic because I later had what might have been orchestrated by Vikki or Lorraine because they could have easily read my poem and orchestrated what I’d written in it in a park on Sigourney St., Hartford, Ct. which involved a tree and a German Shepherd.
In the ’80’s I was inspired to write the song “I Wanna Love” because I saw a tree that was cut down to it’s stump and I was disturbed by it.
In the ’90’s while I was considering human regeneration when no one thought it was possible.
Incidentally, the scientists have it all wrong because they always approach these delicate matters from a purely selfish point of view with the focus on greed and recognition as opposed to actually helping the world and it’s people.
I won’t tell them the right way to go about it because they are a nasty bunch of self important creatures.
I was thinking a lot about a man I admire greatly, Sir Isaac Newton.
I’m glad he was recognized while he was alive because I think it’s bogus to pretend that people are only recognized for their talents and gifts after they’re dead.
I think it’s a deliberate rip off of the artists or scientists (Galileo, Edgar Allen Poe, etc.).
I think he was a generous man who was amiable and wise enough to work on his alchemy in secret because the world was inhospitable to ideas such as that.
I wanted to read his notes only to discover that only credentialed (most likely faked) people had access to his notes which were under lock and key.
I cracked his mystery without reading those notes and I’ll never tell.
I’ll never tell how to know the unknowable because these are Biblical principles that this evil world rejects, therefore they have no right to them.
For those who could understand my thought processes, kudos to you.
For those who couldn’t get past the first few sentences of this or who tried to finish only to have your heads explode, “ha ha ha.”
You are actually too dumb to know just how dumb you really are!


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I Can’t Stand Ya by Vonne Monai

Here are lyrics to a song I wrote in the early 1980’s

I’ll write the music I composed for it when I get around to it.

Both lyrics and music are copywritten.

I Can’t Stand Ya by Vonne Monai

I try and do what I have to do

In that I manage to mind my business too

You shouldn’t think of me and speculate

Or try an arouse my feelings of hate

You need to go home and take a bath

That stuff around your ankles it’s not ash


Well, I can’t stand ya

I won’t pretend, I’ll never be your friend

’cause I can’t stand ya

Put a leash on your man, you know I don’t want him

I can’t stand ya

Shake your big round ass step to the back of the class

I can’t stand ya

Your mind is bare, you have a right to be scared

I can’t stand ya!!!

‘Cause you try and manipulate

Know you ain’t open late

Think you can seal my fate

Ha Ha!

You have the nerve to laugh when I pass by

I’m looking real good know you really want to cry

You can’t pressure me to be your chum

The people you like are the lowest kind of scum

When you talk every other word’s about me

You’re so damned jealous that you can’t even see


                                 Repeat Chorus

That I can’t stand ya

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If YOU Only Had a Brain! The Fake Help From Evil Fuck-Ups

If YOU Only Had a Brain!

The Fake Help From Evil Fuck-Ups

Miss Meadows was our landlady when we lived on West 135th Street, New York, N.Y.

She was like a grandmother to me/us.

We’d hadn’t met our maternal grandmother yet.

Dot thought she was a square because she was a spinster who worked and saved to buy the three story building we resided in on West 135th St.

I remember she was always kind to us and Dot restricted us from any maningful interactions with her.

I suppose it was for the best because Vikki and Valli would have eaten her alive.

She always criticized her for not being married because that was Dot’s only

accomplishment even though it was acquired deceptively.

Having no kids of her own and seemingly no family to speak of Dot would berate

her to us as if she were lonely and pathetic.

I really think she would have gave us that building, but Dot was so fucking spoiled

and wild she resented anyone who was worthwhile.

I remember she gave us a beautiful mother of pearl piggy bank that I named Betsy.

When we moved to Staten Island Dot had us put pennies in it from the change we

would get back from running to the store for her.

When it was full she would empty it and give us some of the pennies to spend.

Vikki would spend some and save some.

Valli would blow through hers as soon as possible and I would be accused of being

a miser because I liked to save all of mine.

Vikki and I would then be forced to share our pennies with Valli.

Dot would ask me what I was saving for and I knew I’d better not tell her it was for a house and car because she absolutely despised this personality trait in people.

I had become a numismatic and had begun collecting distinctive coins.

I had found a Greek coin, probably lost by the Greek neighbors we used to have down the hall on the 6th floor at 14 Roxbury St.

I lost it a few years later at her sister, Johnnye James, 81 Mill Road in Easts Hartford, Ct.;

in the green pleather chair they had and I couldn’t find it for the life of me.

When I first found it Dot bought a little book to see if it was worth anything.

It wasn’t so she let me keep it.

There was no sense hiding it from her because she would go through our belongngs routinely.

That’s how she found Valli’s lesbian porn when she was 11 years old.

I’d come home many times to find she had gotten rid of some of my toys.

In the nineties when I was trying to get my collection together again I discovered that same Greek coin I had was worth $500.00

They are such instant gratification whores that they fail to realize that the valuable things that actually appreciate over time are worth keeping.

In the early 90’s I had a bureau that was worth over a million dollars, but couldn’t sell it because I was burdened with those children they forced me to have as well as debilitating migraines.

I also had a penny worth over a million dollars as well as a dime worth $2,000.00

I was unable to cash in on these items because of being laden with the children they forced me to have and the debilitating migraines, insomnia as well as the inherited blood disorder I’ve struggled with my entire life.

I also think that no matter what I had done, they would have somehow stolen or ripped me off because they are sadistic.

If they were really trying to repay me what they owed me they could have just as easily just sold these items and opened a bank account in my name with the cash deposited in it.

I concluded they were just trying to tell me that if I were so smart I would know the value of the items I had been given, but I think they just wanted me to go on a wild goose chase.

What thieves really ever make amends by giving their victims what is actually owed to the with interest?

Another thing is that they pulled the same thing with a really nice house in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The scheme was that they conned this successful black man into wanting to get rid of it because he had such a bad time with a gemini woman there (he was supposedly a virgo) that

through victor james (most likely an alias, this black man was supposedly from the midwest, I think he was a gay coke head, he also raped me) he offered it to me for $16,000.00.

I knew it was a deal and they even had Luscious Morris try and give me $8,000 prior to this offer, but I refused the offer because I didn’t know him like that.

The house was great.

It was on the corner, had a huge yard, two floors, attic and basement, but it came with those niggers.

How was I supposed to get rid of them?

It was bad enough being saddled with the kids, but with those sadistic, pedophile, homosexual, rapist niggers and their white cohorts it would have been more torture because that’s who they are.

I couldn’t see myself stressed with the yard work and all of the other maintenance with absolutely no help at all.

So those idiots pretend to repay me, but never actually do.

I suppose they think I should have to work for the repayment which is no repayment all because I already trained for years prior to working for the money they stole from me.

Then they get to pretend that they tried.

They tried to repay me, but I just didn’t know that they were trying to help is the excuse they sadistically bleat.

When they refuse to actually repay me without all of the games which I think is their evil way of saying that they could do the right thing by me, but they won’t.

With so many untrustworthy niggers involved why would I think anything good wouldn’t be fucked up because that’s their trademark lying, stealing and fucking shit up.

One of Val’s favorite threats to me was “I can take anything from you”

The jealous apes.

Games they always play fucking games as if I like games because I’m a Gemini.

Well I don’t like games I haven’t agreed to play.

I don’t like mind games and I don’t find them intriguing or purposeful.

They are the most evil fucks I have ever encountered.

They refuse to acknowledge that I have my preferences and I don’t have time for mind games due to my infirmities as well as my many interests which have nothing to do with their idiotic mind games.

I will never think they’re smart because they have nothing except time to waste.

I think I wouldn’t have time for their head games even if I had no infirmities because they are a wastes of time and designed to make them feel as if they are smart or outsmarting people when they are simply evil using worldly devilish knowledge which Christians are not to indulge in.



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